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Barricata Beach: 3 km
Boccasette Beach: 4.5 Km
Seashell Beach: 1 km
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Boccasette, Bonelli, Ca' Mello, Ca' Tiepolo, Ca' Venier, Ca' Zuliani, Donzella, Pila, Polesine Camerini, Santa Giulia, Scardovari, Tolle

Where nature turns into pure emotion

The beaches of Porto Tolle are benches, or sandy islands and represent the youngest emerged lands of the Delta, born from the deposit of fine sands at the mouths of the branches of the Po River. These islands did not exist a hundred years ago and their presence today encloses the essence of the Po Delta, made up of constantly evolving lands and waters. The soft sand, the clean sea, the gently sloping seabed are ideal for swimming and make the beaches of Porto Tolle safe, especially for families with children. These are suitable for those seeking tranquility and contact with nature, without however renouncing the efficient services that are well integrated into the natural environment.



Conchiglia Beach

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Come to the territory of the Po Delta, emotions of Water and Earth

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