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The Mussel farming

The refinement of a unique flavour directly from the hands and commitment of the growers

An art or a trade? The work of mussel farming in the territory of the Po River and its Delta is an activity that is still handed down from father to son and which allows in our lagoons and in our pockets to be able to grow precious seafood such as mussels, clams and oysters, giving to the countless traditional local dishes an authentic and true flavor of a product still grown manually.

Fish market

The catch directly on the tables

The fish caught in our sea every day through our marineries, is grouped in large centers called fish markets, which provide the distribution directly during the day, making us find unique delicacies directly on our tables. Great importance is given to environmental protection by establishing a priori the ideal fish coverage based on the period, thus avoiding never overloading the ecosystem of our sea.

Find out more about the typical products of the area

PDO Polesano White Garlic

Location: Consortium Adriano
Bulbous vegetable of the species of Allium sativum L., in the local white Polesano ecotype and in the Ivory variety, which is characterized by the bright white color, the shape of the bulb, the high yield in dry matter which makes it well preserved, and the particular aromatic profile, which is less pungent and more persistent, with pleasant notes of freshly cut grass or sweet fruity.

Melon of the Polesano Delta

Location: Fruit and Vegetable Market of Rosolina

Melon (Cocumis melo) obtained from varieties of the reticulatus type with netted skin and cantalupensis, with smooth skin, grown in suitable soils with non-intensive techniques.

Honey from the Delta Del Po

Location: From the beekeepers of our territory
Natural product for excellence, rich in vitamins and with great energetic power, it is a food suitable for the whole family, suitable for moments of important physical and mental stress.

IGP rice from the Po Delta

Location: Various Consortia and Companies of the Delta
This rice belongs to the "Japonica" type, Superfino group in the varieties of Carnaroli, Volano, Baldo and Arborio. Its characteristics are a large grain, which can be white or whole, crystalline, compact, with a high protein content.

Gin Caleri

Location: Rosolina Mare
The Gin Caleri is in fact produced with mono-botany coming from a well-defined geographical area: the hamlet of Caleri in Rosolina Mare where Enrico and Silvana hand-pick the green berries of the juniper plants that grow spontaneously among the sand dunes

Red Radish IGP of Chioggia

Location: Chioggia
The Radish of Chioggia (in the Chioggia dialect "radicio de Ciosa") has large and rounded leaves, of a more or less intense red color and a sweet or slightly bitter taste, which make up a spherical heart, sometimes flattened at the top, which recalls the shape of the rose, hence the appellative rose of Chioggia.

Bianchetto truffle from the Po Delta

Location: Porto Viro

It is a clear truffle, precisely "bianchetto". It is spread in the floodplain areas and in the area of the fossil dunes, managed by the Forest Service of Padova and Rovigo.

Saffron of the Po Delta

Location: Monti di Riva
The Saffron of the Po Delta is the product of a new company in Ariano nel Polesine, the first saffron made in the Po Delta, grown in the fossil dunes of Monti di Riva, which thanks to the silica present in the soil is well suited for the cultivation of this very precious spice.

Pumpkin of Melara

Location: Melara

The Delicate Pumpkin has a round shape, with very thin skin, of an intense green color, very compact and firm yellow-orange pulp. Sweet tendency, well balanced with good acidity.

Come to the territory of the Po Delta, emotions of Water and Earth

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