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An experience is something that leaves an indelible mark on you, a moment that you would like to relive, savour …
In the Po Delta experiences are never isolated cases, but are countless moments that will allow you to spend fabulous moments from the simple taste to the discovery of an isolated bench.

Our experienced guides will accompany you on real tours that will cheer your desire for discovery and adventure, tours that will take you into the wildest and lesser known places or that will allow you to go to the discovery of true genuine native flavors while allowing you to the discovery of local customs and traditions.

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Cycling tourism

Discovering the area ... cycling!

Thanks to the countless itineraries and various bike-friendly destinations, the entire territory of Po Delta is an ideal destination for bicycle lovers. The top of the embankments, which are mostly cycle paths, allow you to discover the area by gently following the course of the river in all its meanders. Panoramic roads such as the Via delle Valli will allow you to discover the different aquatic ecosystems by being directly in contact with a healthy and relaxing environment

Towards the Via delle Valli

At the mouth of the Great River

River cruises

Experience the Delta from its main element, water

Many waterways of the territory of Po River and its Delta contain countless unique and particular landscapes, which have secrets to tell about the history of the formation of the territory itself and about their inhabitants.
The best way to discover them is to get there by sailing gently on the calm waters of the Great River.
Many of the experiences offered will allow you to take part in these River tours with large, safe and comfortable boats.

One of the most important wetlands in Europe. Refuge of over 370 migratory and sedentary species ...

Immerse yourself in the territory with the excursions we offer and discover the curiosities together with the guides.

The Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta offers unforgettable experiences.. You will be able to rediscover the pleasure of immersing yourself in Nature by carrying out your favorite activity, alone or accompanied by expert tour guides, to let you tell the Story of this territory so young, but so fascinating. You can dedicate yourself to long walks by bike or on foot, sailing by boat or in canoe along the branches of the Po River, surrounded by a nature that reigns supreme, immersed in an area where Flora and Fauna live in a genuine environment. The hidden oases of Ca ‘Mello and Ca’ Pisani are ideal places for lovers of photographic hunting, and you can also let yourself be enchanted thanks to the birdwatching activities.

Along the Via delle Valli

For everyone - by bike
A spectacular route that runs above and below the embankment that separates the lagoons from the fishing valleys, you can admire the valley huts, the fishermen's cavane and many species of birds that frequent these environments rich in history and nature.

The Donzella Ring

For experts - by bike
Itinerary of varying length, from 40 to 70 km that fully tells the evolution, history, economy and extraordinary nature of the Po Delta Park.

Discovering the Botanical Garden

For the whole family - on foot
The Botanical Garden of Porto Caleri located in Rosolina Mare, extends for about 24 hectares, has the purpose of preserving a unique natural environment of considerable scientific interest, has quickly become the most beautiful of the oases of the Delta Park.

On the Great Mouth of the Po River

For the whole family - by boat
The best way to approach the Po Delta is to navigate the last stretch of the main branch and arrive right where the river meets the sea. The mouth of the Po is characterized by the charm of the majesty of the Great River

Visiting Scanno Boa

For everyone - by boat / on foot
Scano Boa represents the soul of the Delta, the Genius Loci of this land is undoubtedly on that island, related in an excellent way by the Polesan writer Antonio Cibotto, where the typical "reed huts" still exist

At the mouth of the Adige river

For the whole family - by bike / on foot
Admiration point of the great estuary of the Adige River. Observable from the top of a panoramic tower, it can be reached through a scenic bike path accross the Rosolina Mare pine forest.

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