The Rhythm of Water

The Element of Life

Water synonymous with Life

The rhythm of nature marked by the flow of the river

The gentle rhythm of the flowing of the river will accompany your every moment in the territory of Po Delta, from the great course of the main branch to the lagoons, valleys and towards the Adriatic Sea, the characterizing element will always be water. A presence marked by countless shades and natural sounds that will give you unique moments.

To observe that the fauna species inhabiting these places are innumerable, ranging from avocets, bee-eaters up to the majestic and elegant pink flamingos.

Let yourself be accompanied by the sweet rhythm of water

Discover the area directly from the element that created it ... water

Navigate the waterways with the experiential tours of river cruises

Discovering the Po Delta directly from the waterways is one of the most satisfying experiences for those who go in search of the truest emotions. Our river cruises will allow you not only to discover the most evocative corners but also our guides will make you discover the history, the present and past usages in the territory in which you are.

Get excited at sunset over the lagoon

The ideal place to watch the sunset

One of the best moments to observe the beauty of the area is to visit the most evocative corners of the Po Delta area, right where the sun is in the sunset phase.
The walkway of the Botanical Garden of Porto Caleri in Rosolina Mare is one of the best corners in which to appreciate the spectacle of the shades reflected in the lagoon, as well as the various sighting points in the Oasis of Ca ‘Mello in Porto Tolle, directly overlooking the Sacca di Scardovari. The sunset on the Via delle Valli between Rosolina and Porto Viro also takes on a particular charm.

Unique moments to capture and experience.

Caleri Lagoon

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Melody of the Earth

Element of the Birth

The Rhythm of Water

The Kingdom of the Great River and its Secrets

Come to the territory of the Po Delta, emotions of Water and Earth

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