Melody of the Earth

Element of the Birth

The youngest land in Italy

Tongues of sand that create life

The green of the meadows, the yellow of the wheat, the lilac of the lavender.

These are just some of the many colors that can be admired in the great open spaces of the Po Delta. Colors synonymous with the incessant work of man, resulted from sacrifices and constant commitment both in the countryside and in the fight against the impetuosity of the Great River. These are colors that are synonymous above all with the rhythm of nature that transports new land through the river that inexorably settles in the river mouth, thus continuously creating new emerged areas, giving shelter to the first colonizing fauna and flora species.

You are in the youngest land of Italy.

The rediscovery of moments, the philosophy of a unique territory

The bicycle ... the ideal way to discover the land of the Po Delta

There are many itineraries to discover the land of the Po Delta by bicycle

The best way to savour the most hidden corners of our territory is to explore around by bicycle. The panoramic roads, the banks of the rivers and our cycle paths will allow you to discover our land with a unique and engaging look, making you fully enter into the spirit of our territory.


Over 370 species to admire

The Po Delta has an extraordinary ornithological heritage with over 370 species of aquatic, sedentary, migratory and migratory birds that can be observed in every corner of the territory.
Via delle Valli Sud, Oasis of Ca ‘Mello, Valle Canelle and Po di Maistra are just some of the best places to enjoy and immortalize the spectacle of all the various species that populate our territory. At certain times, our guides organize real excursions designed to accompany the less experts to the most spectacular and fascinating observation sites.

The Kingfisher

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Melody of the Earth

Element of the Birth

The rhythm of the water

The Kingdom of the Great River and its Secrets

Come to the territory of the Po Delta, emotions of Water and Earth

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